Tohoku Youth Orchestra with Ryuichi Sakamoto

On sale: March 20, 2024

●Supplementary web booklet

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The archives of photos and chronology of activities that did not make it into the CD booklet have been compiled as a separate booklet. Please feel free to browse them. You can also print it out.

The printable version (zip) also includes a guide for printing.

In addition to numerous masterpieces such as "The Last Emperor," "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence," and "Behind the Mask" performed by past orchestra members, "Now, the time is tilting" written for the Tohoku Youth Orchestra by director Ryuichi Sakamoto in January 2020, is included for the first time.

Proceeds from the sale of this album will be used to fund the activities of the Tohoku Youth Orchestra.

1. Behind the Mask (2013)
2. Tohoku Youth Orchestra with Otomo Yoshihide + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Collective improvisation with simple conduction (2013)
3. The Last Emperor (2016)
4-6. “Killed in the War” from Nagasaki: Memories of My Son (2016)
        Poetry reading: Sayuri Yoshinaga “Let us return...” by Ryoichi Wago, “My Own Words” by Ayuka Watanabe, “If I Climb That Mountain” by Hinano Sekine
7. Mirukuyugafu - undercooled (2017)
8. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (2018)
9. Three TOHOKU Songs (2018)
10. Etude (2019)
11-12. “Nagasaki: Memories of My Son” from Nagasaki: Memories of My Son (2022)
           Poetry reading: Sayuri Yoshinaga “Ki ni tazuneyo” by Ryoichi Wago, “To the Skies of Tomioka” by Shigeko Sato
13-15. Still Life (2022)
          Poetry reading: Non “If I Climb That Mountain” by Hinano Sekine, “Kokoro no tanpopo” by Natsuki Miyagi, “Daichi” by Kazuko Tô
16. Now, the time is tilting (2023)