My hope is to disseminate the creativity of the youth of Tohoku through this new orchestra and create something unique to Tohoku - something that transcends music. I will never forget the great force of nature and as long as the scars remain, I hope to do what I can to help. I will continue doing so as long as the people of the community wish for it. Thank you very much for your unending support.
Ryuichi Sakamoto (Representative Director, Musical Director)


The Tohoku Youth Orchestra is an orchestra originally organized to perform in Lucerne Festival ARK NOVA Matsushima 2013, a music festival aimed at connecting the disaster-stricken northeastern Japan to the world. It was held in Matsushima in the Miyagi Prefecture from September to October of 2013.The members of the orchestra are composed of primary, junior high, and high school students from the three prefectures affected most by the 2011 Tohoku disaster: Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima. These students who usually play in their school’s respective ensembles all come together to form various ensembles depending on the program or performance. The activities of the Tohoku Youth Orchestra do not stop at performance, however. Rather, we see the orchestra as an opportunity for growth. One in which the youth of Tohoku can come together to learn from and perform with world-renowned musicians, to discover the world through interacting with people he or she would normally not meet, and share these experiences among friends. Our aim is to channel the youthful energy of these students into the region. We hope to invigorate the surrounding adults, environment, and Tohoku as a whole, ultimately to create a bright new future for these students to live in. "There are many things that can only be expressed through music. Music can communicate things incommunicable with words. Our hope is to inspire many through this music." With these goals in mind, we hope to channel the sensitive yet resilient sounds born out of tragedy from Tohoku into the world.



March 26th (Sat.)Tohoku Youth Orchestra Concert at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
December 19th (Mon.)Charity Concert “For Peace ~ Poem, Flower and Music ~ at Festival Hall Osaka
December 21st (Wed.)Award ceremony of Monblanc De La Culture Arts Patronage Award at Daiichi-Seimei Hall

March 12th (Sun.)“Donguri Charity Badge Support Campaign Concert by Mitsukoshi-Isetn Group” at Mitsukoshi Sendai
March 25th (Sat.)Tohoku Youth Orchestra Concert 2017 at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
March 26th (Sun.)Tohoku Youth Orchestra Concert 2017 at Koriyama Shimin Bunka Center Large Hall
April 1st (Sat.)Eki-con Concert at Tokyo Station Marunouchi Exit.
November 11th (Sat.)Award Ceremony of JA-Kyosai Contest of Calligraphy and Road Safety Campaign at Surigami-tei Otori

March 10th (Sat.)“Donguri Charity Badge Support Campaign Concert by Mitsukoshi-Isetn Group” at Mitsukoshi Sendai
March 11th (Sun.)Miyagi Repose of Souls event at Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi
March 21st (Wed. Holiday)Tohoku Youth Orchestra Concert 2018 at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
March 25th (Sun.)Opening Ceremony of “Top four Tournament” at Xebio Arena Sendai
March 31st (Sat.)Tohoku Youth Orchestra Concert 2018 at Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi
June 2nd (Sat.)“Matsuo Toshio Retrospective Museum Concert” at Sukagawa Municipal Museum

March 30th (Sat.)“Tohoku Youth Orchestra Concert 2019” at Morioka Community Hall
March 31st (Sun.)“Tohoku Youth Orchestra Concert 2019” at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
June 29th (Sat.)“Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University 30th Anniversary ceremony”
Aug 7th (Wed.)“2019 Sanriku Disaster Risk Reduction & Reconstruction Project Closing Ceremony” at Yume Arena Takata
Aug 31st (Sat.)“Emergency Drill in Shibuya (Shibuya Bosai Fes 2019) Stage event (Public radio recording)”? at Yoyogi park


The Tohoku Youth Orchestra relies on your support. We sincerely appreciate your generous contribution. The donors' name will be listed in the Donor Registry on our website. We always accept donations by bank transfer. If you are considering a donation, please email the following information to and make a deposit to the bank account below. Thank you in advance for your attention and cooperation.

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The expenses for regular practices throughout the year are covered by the generous donations of corporations and individuals. As another way of supporting our programs - which started in Tohoku - we hope you will help our "crowdfunding" campaign succeed.


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